Manuela's Unique Gifts


We have a large selectiont to choose from.

Our offer wide selection of great Upper Michigan Gifts.  Our inventory is so vast, that is would be impossible to list everything.  We invite you to come by and check out our shop in person and take home a piece of the U.P. Weather can change quickly up here in the north, don't hesitate to stop in to buy and choose from a wide selection of cozy sweaters!  When traveling to the Upper Peninsula stop in for great food, spirits and a great selection of gifts at Manuela's Unique Gifts of Michigan.

An extraordinary collection of items to cherish!

Great gifts, apparel, hats, T-shirts, wind chimes, stuffed animals, souvenirs, moose items, outdoor decorative sculptures, scented candles, original wildlife paintings, gift cards, sun glasses, candies & chocolates, books by Michigan authors, and much more.



Manuela's Unique Gifts

Manuela's Gift Shop is located at the building's entrance and is situated on the southern end of the restaurant. Come and stop by and visit, find some unique treasures, some needed travel items, great apparel, and enjoy a meal here at Timber Charlie's Restaurant.